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Fun with Blindfolds, Especially When Worn by Women

Using a blindfold is often a win-win.

As sex toys go, blindfolds are nowhere near as popular as vibrators, but they offer wonderfully erotic sexual enhancement, especially (in heterosexual couples) when worn by the woman.

Therapists agree that of the five senses, most men get most turned on by what they see, notably, women in sexy outfits and the gyrations of pornography. It's no coincidence that the vast majority of lingerie is worn by women to please men, or that the vast majority of porn is consumed by men. Men love to watch sexually charged visual images.

Therapists also agree that the sense most women find most arousing is sensual touch. It's the feel of intimacy that excites women: silk on the skin, a hot bath, spa treatments, a massage, warm fuzzy robes, and extended kissing and cuddling with lots of gentle caresses all over, not just focused on the breasts and genitals.

As a result, sex with the woman blindfolded is often a win-win. He gets to see her in all her glory, and deprived of sight, she can focus more deeply on the joy of being touched.

Of course, some men enjoy being blindfolded, and that's fine. But deprived of sight, men can't see faces, breasts, butts, and hips, and feel aroused by them.

Meanwhile, some women don't care for being blindfolded, also fine. But blindfold most women, and they can often turn inward and find that it helps them experience loving touch more intimately. Try combining blindfold play with a slow, sensual, whole-body massage.

And let's not forget how blindfolds fire the imagination. Deprived of sight, many people find it easier to fantasize about situations that turn them on.

Blindfolds are considered BDSM toys, but you don't have to be into restraint or power play to enjoy them.

Meanwhile, some people feel curious about BDSM but reluctant to play that way. If you're among them, a blindfold might offer a comfortable, yet highly arousing way to explore a little kink. Blindfold play incorporates the dominant-submissive element of power-exchange role-playing without the intense sensations of heavier BDSM. Blindfolds also provide an opportunity for one to be tender and nurturing because a blindfolded partner is vulnerable.

Blindfolds are also discreet. If children, family, or friends happen to see your blindfold, it's easy to explain that you sleep better that way. It's not so easy explaining vibrators or handcuffs.

Have you ever played that way? Please post your blindfold experiences.

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