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I Am Where I Live

Personality affects migration patterns of the common Homo sapiens.

The Free Bird

Those who can't sit for five minutes don't live in one place for long. People who prefer vigorous and fast-paced lifestyles move more frequently, whether it's from country to city or vice versa.

The WorryWart

Being neurotic increases the probability that you'll move, perhaps because your inclination to negative emotions like distress makes you less satisfied with your town, especially if it is rural. But this personality type also decreases the distance of the migration, perhaps because long-distance moves are so stressful.

The Explorer

People who are open to new experiences—those who are more imaginative, adventurous, and curious about the world—are more likely to uproot and move over 10 years' time. Something novel awaits!

The Butterfly

When you want to be around people, the city's the place to be. Those who are highly sociable migrate no more frequently than others, but when they do they tend to travel farther distances and move from rural to urban areas, where there are more opportunities for social interaction. They're also more likely to leave the country entirely.

The Friend for Life

Friendly and agreeable people tend to stay rooted where they are. Presumably, you're less likely to up and leave if you've formed unusually strong bonds with friends and neighbors in your community. The grass is greener where I am, thank you very much.