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Therapy: The Perfect Fit

Questions you can, and should, ask a therapist before therapy.

Usually it's the therapist posing the questions. But when you're choosing a therapist, remember that you're entitled to ask almost anything.

Because successful counseling depends on personal disclosure and how well you connect with your therapist, it's important to find a counselor you can trust and with whom you feel at ease. These questions are a good start.

What's Your Specialty?

Get a sense of the therapist's experience with the kind of issues you want to focus on and the type of therapy, from cognitive-behavioral to psychoanalytic, that he or she practices.

How Long Do Patients Usually See You?

A potential therapist should have a rough idea of an appropriate course of treatment, be it a targeted three-session approach or an open-ended one.

May I Contact References?

Confirm that this is a licensed, caring professional worthy of your trust. Psychology Today's Therapy Directory is a resource that lists certified therapists by zip code and specialty.

For more tips on choosing a therapist, visit Psychology Today's Therapy Center.