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Gay Geese

Presents an excerpt of an article on goose sexual behavior by Conrad Lorenz from 'Psychology Today' dated November 1974.

'In geese you may find a very strong homosexual bond between two malegeese who behave like a [mating] pair even though they cannot copulate. They always forget that the other refuses to be mounted and they try again every spring. Each behaves in a perfectly normal male way and if he could speak he would say, 'I love my wife very much, but she's definitely frigid.'...

"There can be no moral objection to homosexuality. Many people, however, have an aesthetic, emotional aversion to homosexual behavior. I once saw two boys embrace in a bathroom. The sight was slightly repulsive to me, but in moral terms, why shouldn't they kiss? In an overpopulated world, it would be a good thing if there were more homo-sexuality."

--Goose behavior expert Conrad Loren, November 1974.

[Another mark of the early days: lengthy articles describing studies of animal behavior. Today, for better or for worse, PSYCHOLOGY TODAY would never print a nine-page story relating the eating habits of the blowfly.--P.D.]