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Reports the attitude of adults towards technology based on a
survey. Explanation for this behavior; How to deal with fear of

Just saying the word "Internet" is enough to send some employeesdarting under their desks: 59 percent of adults resist new technology, are hesitant to use it, or are simply frustrated with it, according to a new survey.

This fear is a "fight or flight" reaction to technology that is introduced all at once, says Orange, California, psychologist Michelle Weil, Ph.D., who conducted the survey for MCI One. Yet Weil believes fear of technology can be easily conquered at work. Following are steps she suggests:

Take time to play with new technology before trying to use it for work.

Ask someone at your company who's in love with computer gizmos to teach you a thing or two.

Go slowly, and stop the person if he or she uses technical jargon you don't understand.

Figure out which high-tech tools make sense in your work life, and give you more control and enjoyment. YOU don't have to learn or have it all.