I do call cars evil.

Cars kill more people than smoking.

Cars are a serious threat to human existence - important contributors to global warning.

I think people should enjoy sex but not at the cost of diminishing somebody else's quality of life.

Cars are necessary - however public transport quality is lowered because of the number of personal cars. That is indesirable development.

Sex videos are made by couples and then abused when the two people separate from each other.

So... I am mow sorry I wrote my comment here - this article uses faulty reasoning.

Arguments have to be bulletproof to educate people how to behave morally right. Otherwise they will keep doing things at the expense of somebody else. Divides between people will grow bigger and bigger. Basically you say thay you are entitled to enjoy sex and somebody else is not.

That is why I wrote about smoking tobacco. Yes, it damaged people's health. So now smoking is banned from public places. From all public places. There are nasty pictures on cigarretes. That is another extreme. The tax on tobacco is extremely high. It is disproportionate. Car fumes damage people, There is no health tax on car fumes. This is no way how to educate people. However we should not forget what is healthy and what is unhealthy. Faulty logic
streers the difdifference between what is healthy and what is not healthy. Living at sonebody else's expense is not healthy. It compromises a person's spiritual life. This is not about religious rigidness and fundamentalism (that is bad as well). Spiritual life enhances forgiveness. Fundamentalism does not. Kalokaghatia - that is a Greek origin philosophy - we are living in the 21st century - if we want to call ourselves civilized - we should not live at somebody else's expense. People should be allowed to take good care not only about their body but also their spirit.
KALOKAGATHIA not car industry and porn industry gaslighting promotional adverising. People are
more important than cars. Human spirit - if developed without too much damage - is more powerful than human body.
KALOKAGATHIA - everything is interconnected - the wellbeing of others is our wellbeing as well. It is damaging to go through life without kalokagathia. Damaging to us, damaging to others. Individual freedoms can be in preserved. Industries do not respect individual freedoms.