Anonymous wrote:

However porn is a business that has negative impacts on actors as well as viewers. The article does not address that.

No, porn is not all a business. As I said earlier, porn is a huge variety of things today, and the part you can call a "business" is only a part of it. When people upload their own porn they've made themselves, for other people to see, it's not really a business. And when a teenage girl sends her boyfriend a nude selfie on her cell phone, it's as much porn as anything you can get from the "business" but it's not what most people call a "business" when it's just between boyfriend and girlfriend. And there is a WHOLE LOT OF SEXTING going on around the USA, that I can tell you. Millions and millions of those nude selfies. Not to mention the millions of naive young men who send "dick pics" to girls who are grossed out by them.

Just the fact that you think porn is only a "business" shows you haven't done much reading or thinking about it. You just have your own made-up strong opinions. Sure, we get that.