I noticed a change of atmosphere after I returned from a vacation. I think my not being there allowed them to see they could do without me and they could trash me openly (because we all shared one room).

The disrespect and whispering in the hallways was pretty obvious after I returned and I began to truly hate the job. I am pretty sure they were trying to get me to quit by making my life miserable (spending hours meeting with people telling me how to do my job so that I could not actually complete the job during a 40 hour workweek). What they did not count on was the fact that I am used to being hated as I am pretty sure nobody on earth actually likes me. Therefore, I had the stamina to show up out of pure spite. Eventually, they HAD to fire me.

It's just the way they did it was so inept and stupid that it makes me angry just thinking about it. They called me over and said they wanted to talk to me....and I kept following them (not really knowing it would end in the parking lot). When we got there, they said "we're letting you go." To which I said, "I left my things upstairs, so if you want me to get the hell out of here, I need my car keys!!!"

What idiots. I can only hope that something truly awful and miserable descends upon their lives. And yes, I am a sore loser who never forgives.