Men on average serve 1.6 times as long in prison for the same crime as women. The sexism in this country is unreal. Women can complain about not getting paid the same for doing work that may or may not be as good. BUT FOR THE MEN WHO ARE SPENDING YEARS MORE IN PRISON JUST BECUASE THEY ARE MEN, SEXISM IS REAL AND NEEDS TO BE DEALT WITH.

Not making as much money is absolutely nothing compared to more prison time. And of course when it comes to rape, a man can get convicted at any time just chase the girl doesn't like him. However if a woman rapes it is considered no big deal.

The sexism in this country is unbelievable and it is perpetrated by women. You live in a fantasy world. Men are the ones going to prison.

So don't get mad at trump. Him kissing a woman is nothing compared to women jailing men for the crime of being male