Are You Going to Thanksgiving?

Covid-19 and common sense

Posted Nov 18, 2020

This has become a contentious, debatable, and controversial topic, but I’m going to go there. It is no longer a mask war, it is now a Thanksgiving war, or are we just playing with fire?

It is my opinion that people planning on going to Thanksgiving are playing with fire, but I get it. We’re all experiencing shelter-at-home fatigue. We are all fed up with misinformation given to us that constantly changes, and we just want a break from all this Covid-19 madness.

First we were told to not attend public outdoor spaces like bars, restaurants, beaches and to stay in doors.

Then we are told Covid spreads in-doors, so not to have small at-home gatherings, and with Thanksgiving on the horizon it has become a dilemma? 

Let’s break down this “dilemma,” and discuss common sense.

Some colleges are telling their students to stay on campus over the holiday and if they decide to go home they should quarantine for a week. That makes no sense because how long do college kids go home for Thanksgiving, a weekend at the most, right?  You go home to see your family, but you can’t really see them cause you’re locked in your old bedroom. That makes no sense.

Then you have people saying, oh, it might be the last Thanksgiving I might have with my aging grandfather. What? The most vulnerable population that might become infected, and potentially pass before next Thanksgiving, isn’t a reason enough for them to not attend Thanksgiving? That makes no sense.

Then you have people saying, oh, we want to see the new baby! When this whole thing started we were told children weren't susceptible to the virus, and it mostly affected seniors. That was misinformation. Children and babies are now being infected so you want to expose the younger generation to this sickness? That makes no sense.

Then people are told it’s okay as long as you keep it down to 5 people. Oh, so who makes the VIP list? Were you not invited to your Uncle’s wedding last year? It’s social rejection all over the place. Nobody wants that. You’ve been told that it’s immediate family only. Then you find out that the “cool” cousin was invited. That’s not cool, and makes no sense.

But when I really break I down, what is the point of going to a day to feast on food when you are wearing a mask? Are you supposed to take one bite at a time, and put the mask on and off as you eat? You have to chew and shallow and pull it off again for the next bite?  That makes no sense.

It reminds me of a scene in “Sex and the City 2” when Carrie watches a woman in a burka eat a French fry one at a time. Mind you eating a French fry one at a time behind a burka is not the same thing as making the perfect bite of turkey dipped in gravy with some mashed potatoes, and figuring out how to quickly pull your mask down, shove in your mouth, and chew it comfortably. If a huge part about Thanksgiving is about the food, and you have to navigate wearing a mask throughout the dinner, that makes no sense.

Now we have the fight for a Covid test when testing has been a challenge and an issue for months. People are lining up to get tested so they have the green light to go to Thanksgiving dinner and the lines are so long people are being turned away. The tests aren’t even 100 percent accurate. You can get a false negative so getting a negative test as a reason to justify attending Thanksgiving makes no sense either.

Traveling? Who in their right mind is going to get on a plane with Covid in the air stuck on an airplane? I don’t buy the information we are being told from multiple platforms that during the most traveled time of the year, where the airlines can make the most money by the way, that it is okay to travel because the circulated air is more safe than being outside. That really makes no sense. 

People missed birthdays, graduations, christenings, and births when this whole thing started, and now we are going to Thanksgiving? We are entering the next fierce wave of Covid spread and we decide now after all the sacrifices you have made missing life changing moments you’re going to go to Thanksgiving? It’s once a year. A birth, a graduation, a wedding is once in a lifetime, so deciding now to go to Thanksgiving makes no sense.

We are all struggling with Thanksgiving plans, and the narrative of what to do or not to do continues to change, so maybe weigh on the side of caution for we still don’t know how to navigate this virus so maybe rethink your holiday plans. It’s one day of the year.

I was watching Kevin Hart on Netflix yesterday and throughout the show he kept apologizing for jokes that might offend people. He has had to hold back on what might be considered politically incorrect which is sad. I say that because some may be offended by my thoughts on this “dilemma” that in my opinion isn’t even a dilemma, but an absolutely not.

Wake up. You are playing with fire. One year of missing Thanksgiving is not going to kill you. To be honest, the main reason I would even consider going to Thanksgiving (after quarantining, after testing, after figuring out transportation that is not on a plane) is the socially distancing part. I don’t want to talk about my life or what I'm “up to” because it’s a lot of pressure and exhausting. I also don’t feel like dealing with a mask and a plate of Thanksgiving food,

Most importantly, I am not ready to die after Thanksgiving and miss Christmas.