Psychology Today Magazine
March 2019

Silencing Your Inner Critic

Silencing Your Inner Critic

By Jena E Pincott

There are ways to temper your toughest critic and take constructive control of your feelings.
How Memory Became Weaponized

How Memory Became Weaponized

By Matthew Hutson

No one is immune to fake news and videos that bombard us—but we can be on guard.
The Puzzle of the Unbalanced Mind

The Puzzle of the Unbalanced Mind

By Randolph Nesse M.D.

Natural selection for extreme mental capacities may have made human minds powerful, but also vulnerable.
The Quaternary Couples: The Deanes-Salyers twins, married in a joint ceremony, were in the TLC episode, “Our Twinsane Wedding.”

The Forces of Attraction

By Jennifer Latson

From polar opposites to twins marrying twins, can biologists explain the mysteries of why we love whom we love?

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