Once weekly analytic group

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Once weekly analytic group

In group analytic therapy, the group itself becomes the mechanism for change. Members not only receive support but actively contribute to each other. As similarities and differences emerge, the group becomes a forum in which members gain insight into their communication patterns and how they relate both to others and themselves, creating possibilities for greater connection and more meaningful relationships in their personal and professional lives. It is especially appropriate for those who experience difficulties in connecting, intimacy, feeling isolated or issues with confidence and self-esteem. Staying in the group for at least one year is recommended.

Group Details

Issues: Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues

Types of Therapy: Psychodynamic

Age: Adults

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Queen Anne Street Practice
55 Queen Anne Street
London W1G
020 8106 5644

Group Meets

Every Thursday
6:30pm - 8pm

Last Modified: 28 Feb 2022
Photo of Andrew Mallett, MA, Psychotherapist in London
Once weekly analytic group
Host: Andrew Mallett