Learn Cognitive Behaviour Techniques for Life.

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Learn Cognitive Behaviour Techniques for Life.

Find your inner-strength - a maximum of 5 - for the general public where you can learn Cognitive Behavioural Techniques for life. Alex is an NCS accredited registrant and has an advanced diploma in CBT. From music to movement, to recognising patterns, to working with the breath, and nutrition, Alex is further working to help you to affect positive change for yourself. She provides a safe space for you to explore your experiences : together we look for a way that works for you to move towards a life where you find the freedom that comes from learning to un-disturb yourself.

Group Details

Issues: Addiction, Anger Management, Anxiety

Types of Therapy: Cognitive Behavioural (CBT)

Age: Adults

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The Practice Room
The Clockworks
93 Princess Road
Manchester M14
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Group Meets

Every Saturday
1pm - 3pm

Last Modified: 22 Sep 2021
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Learn Cognitive Behaviour Techniques for Life.
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