Group Therapy (for Organizations only)

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Group Therapy (for Organizations only)

This is for organizations who look for psychologist/facilitator. I have experiences running psychotherapy/support groups for organizations/businesses. In this confidential space, participants and I work together on overcoming adversities & struggles, and gain personal resilience to adapt back to the own personal and professional living. The group is informed by group analytic psychotherapy & NHS reflective practice work. I have run short and long term groups for people from different ages, gender and professions: such as 1) Men's group; 2) Stress/Anxiety Management group; 3) Women’s group; 4) University students group; 5) Group for Working Professionals; 6) Chinese speaking group

Group Details

Issues: Depression, Men's Issues, Women's Issues

Age: Adults

Types of Therapy: Trauma Focused

Session Cost:

£30 - £40


Manchester M1
0161 850 3557

Group Meets

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
7pm - 9:30pm

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Last Modified: 3 Apr 2022
Photo of Tiffany Leung, DCounsPsych, Psychologist in Manchester
Group Therapy (for Organizations only)
Host: Tiffany Leung