Coping with Depression

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Coping with Depression

Depression is a mood state ranging from sadness and unhappiness to feelings of dejection and hopelessness. At their most severe these emotions are usually accompanied by high levels of pessimism with lack of hope for the future. On completion of the group programme members will understand the cycle of depression. Develop skills and coping strategies to manage the symptoms and achieve their personal goals and use contingency planning strategies to resolve any setbacks in their progress. Closed group. Attendance is weekly for 9 sessions inclusive of one follow up session. Groups are a safe and confidential method of therapeutic intervention.

Group Details

Issues: Depression, Stress

Types of Therapy: Cognitive Behavioural (CBT)

Age: Adults

Session Cost:

£30 - £70


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London E18
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Last Modified: 30 Nov 2022
Photo of One -&- One, MSc, Psychologist in London
Coping with Depression
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