Attachment Focussed Parenting.

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Attachment Focussed Parenting.

An 8 week group for parents (inc couples) to further understand your baby/young child and improve your relationship. This will look at understanding your child's needs and how they communicate this through their behaviour. We will also look at family culture and how your own experiences of being parented has influenced your parenting styles, strengths and struggles. You will not be asked to tell other group members about your situation or concerns. I am trialing this online, and this will be in the evening (after children's bedtime!) Sessions last for 1.5 hrs

Group Details

Issues: Child, Family Conflict, Parenting

Types of Therapy: Parent-Child Interaction (PCIT)

Session Cost:

£30 - £50


St Margarets Institute
Oxford OX2
01865 954062

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Last Modified: 27 Jun 2020
Photo of Gabrielle Lees, Psychotherapist in Oxford
Attachment Focussed Parenting.
Host: Gabrielle Lees