Addiction and Spirituality

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Addiction and Spirituality

Addiction may occur in literary every sphere of life e.g. substances, alcohol, gambling, internet, pornography, food etc. Every addiction is an expensive habit as well as detrimental for personal health, wellbeing and development. The impact is not only on oneself but on one’s family, relatives and friends. Spirituality on the other hand provides the framework of love, compassion and acceptance for uplifting the person and supporting healthy life choices and stable recovery. The group establishes connections providing an effective learning context. Counselling facilitation in this context supports a safe way to successful recovery. This is an online group.

Group Details

Issues: Addiction, Alcohol Use, Spirituality

Age: Adults

Session Cost:

£20 - £30

London W11
01923 936765

Last Modified: 30 Nov 2022
Photo of Dr Yordan K. Zhekov, PhD, Counsellor in Watford
Addiction and Spirituality
Host: Dr Yordan K. Zhekov