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Peg Streep’s books, Daughter Detox: Recovering from an Unloving Mother and Reclaiming Your Life and The Daughter Detox Question & Answer Book: A GPS for Navigating Your Way Out of a Toxic Childhood  are available from, as are her two workbooks, The Daughter Detox Guided Journal and Workbook  and The Daughter Detox Companion Workbook.  She has written or co-authored thirteen books, among them Mean Mothers: Overcoming the Legacy of Hurt (William Morrow) and Quitting—Why We Fear It and Why We Shouldn’t—In Life, Love, and Work (Da Capo). Streep earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in English Literature from the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University but is recognized as a research-based science writer. She is best-known for her work on the mother-daughter relationship, although she frequently writes on goal disengagement, verbal abuse, narcissism and narcissists, and brain science as well. She’s been interviewed extensively on radio and television, as well as for print and online publications. You can find her at or at

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