Pamela D. Garcy Ph.D.

Pamela D. Garcy, Ph.D., is a psychologist, success coach, author, and trainer practicing in Dallas, Texas. In the recent past, she has served as the Director of Training at the Texas School of Professional Psychology, in addition to serving on the faculty of other local colleges.  Presently, she is devoted to full time practice in Dallas, Texas.  Garcy has authored best-selling books on becoming self-directed, personal development, REBT for emotional healing, and using your time fearlessly.  She is happily married and raising three children, two dogs, and two guinea pigs.

Author of

Fearless You

The Fearless You blog, by Dr. Pam Garcy, is designed to help you reduce stress and live a more spontaneous, fearless, and joyous life.  In order to do so, Dr. Garcy will teach and apply principles from REBT and other Cognitive Therapies to real-life issues and emotional struggles.  In addition to bringing philosophical tenets and findings from psychology research to life, Dr. Garcy will share useful evidence-based and philosophy-based strategies for developing a fearless mindset and a more fulfilling life.

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