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What can a life coach help with?

Life coaches can help clients with a wide variety of challenges—including low self-esteem, difficulties with dating or making friends, career dissatisfaction, a lack of productivity or creativity, and poor health habits, among others. While many life coaches specialise in one particular area—for example, career coaching or relationship coaching—others take a broader approach to help their clients address several problem areas at once.

Who is qualified to be a life coach?

There are no specific degrees, licenses, or credentials required to be a life coach, and anyone can call themselves one. However, many life coaches seek certifications from coaching organisations, such as the International Coaching Federation, to hone their skills and demonstrate their commitment to professional and ethical standards. It is also possible for licensed therapists to call themselves coaches. Interested clients are therefore advised to inquire into a prospective coach’s certifications, training, and background.

What is the difference between a life coach and a therapist?

Therapists are licensed clinicians who have been formally trained, can diagnose and treat mental illness, and are required to adhere to the profession’s ethical codes. By contrast, a life coach has not necessarily undergone specific training, is not bound by confidentiality requirements, and is not able to treat mental illness unless they are also a licensed therapist. Both therapists and life coaches can help clients develop emotionally and achieve personal and professional goals, such as advancing in one’s career or building confidence.

How can I recognise a good life coach?

Prospective clients should look for coaches who have expertise in working with others who have similar problem areas. Research has also found that coaches who prioritise establishing and maintaining trust, open communication, and transparency are best equipped to help clients achieve their goals. Some clients may want to seek out coaches who have obtained certifications from coaching organisations, though this is not required to be a competent life coach.