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What do anger management therapists do?

Anger management therapists help a client learn what triggers their anger and teach strategies to better respond to situations where these triggers are present. An anger management therapist may work with the client to identify whether they have unresolved problems that may be causing the client to lash out or to internalize their anger.

Who can treat concerns about anger management?

Trained mental health professionals—including psychologists, psychiatrists, and clinical social workers—are qualified to treat clients for anger management. These professionals will ask a client questions and help them construct a plan to reframe unhealthy thoughts and mitigate the behaviours that may be taking a toll on a client’s life. It may be useful to look for a practitioner who has previous experience in the area.

What’s the best therapy type for anger management?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most popular approach to treating anger problems. CBT focuses on identifying dysfunctional thoughts and replacing them with healthier and more realistic ones. Other common treatments include Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), which teaches emotion regulation and distress tolerance, and psychodynamic therapy, which focuses on recognising, understanding, and overcoming repressed emotions and negative or contradictory feelings.

Can you overcome anger issues with therapy?

Therapy is a front-line treatment for anger management. A therapist will be able to help a client who exhibits anger to identify triggers and work on reframes, solutions and appropriate outlets for their feelings. A therapist can also help a client understand the root of their anger.