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Photo of Lisa Meighan, Psychotherapist in WV4, England
Lisa Meighan
Psychotherapist, MBPsS
Welcome! You have made a big step in reaching out today as I know it took courage. I'd like to be able to help you feel healthier and better using evidence-based psychotherapy interventions and mindfulness. We will work on your goals together. I look forward to working with you at your own pace, step-by-step at a time that is convenient for you. Please feel free to send me an email to set up a session that is convenient for you. I also provide text-based therapy for those who may struggle to attend video sessions. :)
01323 679502 
Offers online therapy
£45 Per Session

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Online Counsellors
Online counselling is a good solution for people who do not have access to well-qualified clinical professionals in their area or who live remotely or abroad. We also refer to it as Teletherapy, online therapy or skype therapy: in short, it's simply conducting a clinical therapy session using a video or phone as the means of communicating.

It's an excellent solution for those who are immobile or find it more convenient to conduct therapy in the privacy of their own home. Or are agoraphobic (fearful of leaving their home), but still want counselling.

If you're looking for online counselling in WV4 or for a WV4 online therapist these professionals provide online therapy, skype therapy and video treatment.