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Healing Hearts (For Parents)
Healing Hearts (For Parents)
Hosted by: Mindazine LTD (Katja Jaqueline)

Healing Hearts (For Parents)

Mindazine LTD (Katja Jaqueline)
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The Healing Hearts support group is dedicated to providing a safe, supportive, and confidential environment for parents dealing with the challenges of a child engaging in self-harming behaviours. With guidance from licensed mental health professionals and a moderator who has personally overcome similar experiences and achieved recovery, participants will receive a well-rounded perspective and leave each session feeling empowered and equipped to tackle difficulties. The group is held monthly and is accompanied by a private forum and online group for additional support.

Group Details

Session Cost

£30 - £40


Parenting,  Self-Harming,  Trauma and PTSD 

Types of Therapy

Dialectical Behaviour (DBT) 


Email Katja Jaqueline De Sousa about this group or call - 01392 321488
Let's Connect 01392 321488

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Last Modified: 18 Aug 2023