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Can therapy help couples deal with infidelity?

If both partners are willing to put in the work, couples therapy can help them to rebuild their relationship after infidelity. Getting an outside perspective from a trained therapist can help clients improve their communication and regain trust going forward. Therapy can also help clients deal with the individual aftermath of infidelity, which may include anxiety, depression, and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

When should couples seek therapy for infidelity?

The discovery of a partner’s infidelity can be extremely painful and difficult to process. The broken trust can make everyday life a struggle for the couple and for any children who may be involved. For partners who can’t seem to move past the betrayal without outside assistance, therapy can be beneficial and essential to healing. Sometimes clients need therapy to evaluate whether their relationship can be salvaged or if they’re better off parting ways.

What is the best therapy for clients dealing with infidelity?

Couples therapy as well as couples counselling can be beneficial under these circumstances. There are often several simultaneous concerns to consider, including how the aggrieved party feels, the underlying structure of the relationship, and the goal of each partner with respect to the relationship. Some therapists will want to have individual sessions, too. A therapist may take different approaches depending on the couple, like experiential therapy, emotionally focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and music, art, and dance therapy.

How do I recognize a good therapist to treat infidelity?

When dealing with infidelity issues, the therapeutic bond is paramount. Both partners should agree on and trust the therapist, seeking out a clinician who doesn’t take sides or have any pre-existing biases that might interfere with the therapeutic work. Look for a therapist who has helped other clients to move past infidelity and has experience with a range of useful modalities. If there are specific issues that contributed to the affair (e.g., alcoholism, addiction, pornography, etc.), inquire about the therapist’s experience with them.