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Photo of Nikki Schuck, Psychologist in Ipswich, England
Nikki Schuck
Psychologist, PsychD, HCPC - Clin. Psych.
I am a qualified DBT , CBT and EMDR practitioner.
I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years of experience as a Lead Clinician in the NHS. I work with clients using a person centred, compassionate approach- tailoring treatment to individual needs and circumstances. I have had vast experience across the spectrum of mental health difficulties in the adult population. Whether you are struggling with an anxiety disorder or depression, or overcoming past trauma, I will help you to understand your difficulties and find a way to manage and overcome the problems you are facing.
01284 335345 
Office is near:
Ipswich IP1
Not accepting new clients
Photo of Amanda Hall, Psychologist in Ipswich, England
Amanda Hall
Psychologist, PsychD, HCPC - Couns. Psych.
Worried, troubled, confused, depressed, anxious, lacking confidence, direction or sense of purpose? Talk to a highly specialised Doctoral level Psychologist, with an excellent reputation. You may have a degree of complexity which you wish to unravel or quite a straightforward issue which you need to get to understand more cohesively. In any event - I can offer and integrate a range of approaches that is right for you. PLEASE NOTE - I charge between £100 - £150 per hour according to affordability. If I'm unable to answer your call immediately please leave a message or send an email and I shall get back to you as soon as possible.
01326 334551 
Hosts group in:
Ipswich IP6
Offers online therapy

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Dialectical (DBT) Counsellors
If you're looking to find dialectical behaviour counselling in Ipswich or for an Ipswich DBT psychologist, you can find Ipswich dialectical behaviour therapists who use DBT therapy to provide clients with new skills to manage painful emotions and decrease conflict in relationships.

What is DBT Counselling?
DBT was originally developed to treat borderline personality disorder. However, research shows that DBT therapy in Ipswich has also been used successfully to treat people experiencing depression, bulimia, binge-eating, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic-stress disorder, and substance abuse. DBT skills are thought to have the capability of helping those who wish to improve their ability to regulate emotions, tolerate distress and negative emotion, be mindful and present in the given moment, and communicate and interact effectively with others.

How do I find an Ipswich DBT therapist?
DBT assumes that effective treatment must pay as much attention to the behavior and experience of providers working with clients as it does to clients’ behavior and experience. Thus, treatment of the providers is an important part of any Ipswich DBT counselling program, and therapists should practice the skills themselves. They need to know basic behavior therapy techniques and DBT treatment strategies. Look for a Ipswich DBT counsellor or therapist with specialized training and experience in DBT.

Who are the best Ipswich DBT Psychologists?
The best DBT treatment typically consists of individual therapy sessions and DBT skills groups. Find the best DBT therapists in Ipswich who offer individual therapy sessions, ensuring that all therapeutic needs are being addressed. The best DBT counsellors in Ipswich will help the patient stay motivated, apply the DBT skills within daily life, and address obstacles that might arise over the course of treatment.