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Photo of Tony Humphreys, Counsellor in BA4, England
Tony Humphreys
Counsellor, DCounsPsych, BACP
It can be difficult to know where to start when feeling depressed or anxious. ​ I appreciate that many people become a little anxious at the prospect of an intense atmosphere in a counselling room. Thats not how I work though. My first aim is to help you relax. To see that yes, it is a 'safe and confidential environment for you to talk about anything that you want'. But there's no need for it to be a heavy and intense atmosphere either. I believe we can be practical, pragmatic and make some real changes without sacrificing empathy or compassion. I have over 20 years experience.
01749 601178 
Offers online therapy
£65 Per Session
Photo of Paula Mason, Counsellor in BA4, England
Paula Mason
Counsellor, DCounsPsych, MBACP
The aim of counselling is to help empower you, help you to develop your own insights and gain deeper understanding about yourself. Through the process of counselling and the exploration of ourselves we are more able to use our inner resources and strength thus enabling us to cope more effectively with life.
01749 605556 
Offers online therapy
£50 Per Session
Photo of HeartofWessexPsychotherapy, Psychotherapist in BA4, England
Psychotherapist, MUKCP
You may have identified issues in your life that are holding you back like trauma, low self-esteem, anger, anxiety, depression or relationship problems. You may have unexplained physical symptoms or suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome IBS or menstrual or fertility issues. Perhaps you have some understanding of your problem but still can't change. We sense life and relationships first through our bodily senses. If you want to tune into the wisdom of your body and find new ways of being I will help you
07814 541669 
Offers online therapy

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Online Counsellors
Online counselling is a good solution for people who do not have access to well-qualified clinical professionals in their area or who live remotely or abroad. We also refer to it as Teletherapy, online therapy or skype therapy: in short, it's simply conducting a clinical therapy session using a video or phone as the means of communicating.

It's an excellent solution for those who are immobile or find it more convenient to conduct therapy in the privacy of their own home. Or are agoraphobic (fearful of leaving their home), but still want counselling.

If you're looking for online counselling in BA4 or for a BA4 online therapist these professionals provide online therapy, skype therapy and video treatment.