I feel sad for you and your husband. It sounds like you begrudge him his injury (something he probably couldn't prevent) and are super resentful of his inability to work. The mixture of that resentment (that he has surely picked up on), mixed with his own shame for not being able to do the one thing men are supposed to do in our culture: work and provide for the family, has probably led him to a very dark, depressing place. You said he was injured two weeks ago. If two weeks worth of difficulty in your marriage is all it takes for you to react in this way, i.e. dreading going home and wanting to tell him to "shut the hell up", then I would say that there is very little hope for your marriage over the long term. Perhaps if you try to understand exactly what he is going through (physical and emotional) rather than waving it off as a "theatrical display," he might not feel the need to constantly try to get your attention in order to validate his inability to work.