A while back our bus system went through some changes which were not well thought out. In an attempt to save money they cancelled a bunch of routes, moved things around, etc. They created some very real and odd issues such as cancelling Sunday service on a bus route that caters most to older folk that go places on Sundays (as in, they didn't check ridership).

Anyway, I'm not complaining just offering some back story in that they created a situation in which complaints were valid. The cancelled Sunday on the route I mentioned was re-instated once they realized the problem.

So one day I'm on the bus and there are two young ladies talking, one of whom had her bus modified in a very inconvenient way (something along the lines of the cancelled Sunday bus mentioned above). She told her friend that she had called in to complain. She then very quickly turned beet red and assured her friend that she's not a complainer, no, not that.

She had a valid complaint but because we are so negative to anyone that complains about anything she felt she needed to defend herself.

That's it, not much point to this other than to say context must be examined before dismissal.