my close friend, simply misled by his own confusion/misunderstanding, has been living Gay life inspite of having 8 years no-child marriage life leaving his wife always-annoyed by him.
Nowadays he's started again visiting Gay platform sites, tht he has successfully achieved by using many tricks tht he often does to get his desires fulfilled.

I, being his close mate, persuaded him no of times to live with his wife happily by fulfilling all her wishes including the physical relationship. But he's still chronic complainer or just to walk on his tricks, whether he misrepresents his wife's rude spoiled picture just to justify why he needed such gay forum, is still a big question before me.

I'm afraid if he's not stopped now, it'd be most difficult to stop him in future. My difficulty is he's already suffered in past due to his such habits of misleading his wife, family members etc, i don't want to let him fall in the valley of hell. I wish he lives with his wife happily.

Please guide me how to restrain him?? Sometimes i feel like informing his parents secretly.
PS:He's tactfully made his wife against me so that i can't approach her.

Kindly let me know how to bring him back, knowing everything about him, his so called miserable life tht he himself made, i can't let him do this injustice to his wife. Please help me :'( i'm only friend in his life