You echo my sentiments exactly. Especially the part about someone new to the company getting promoted above everyone else. I too believe that everything I say is true. It is always about unfairness in the workplace and never about criticizing unimportant things like "the food at the party was awful" (even when it is).

I sort of see it as "us" versus "them" and I have a feeling you are one of "us." "We" laugh hysterically at these kinds of rants. I hate the fact that you cannot utter one hint of dissent without being labeled a toxic person when they are the ones that oughtta be mocked... mercilessly and cruelly because they are a bunch of vapid bubbleheads who do everything by the book.

I firmly believe we are in the situation we are in (Trump, crashing economy, misery everywhere) because complaining is heresy and the bubbleheads all support and hire each other.