As with any other relationship, communication is key. Mine used to get angry because I couldn't understand the symbolism he brought into my thinking. Focusing in on the abstract patterns in my thought processes helped me understand him, and won me his respect. Now, it's almost as if he and I are merging into one, oddly enough. I can finish his sentences a decent amount of the time, and the colors things are tinted in my dreams have almost reversed between the two of us (he used to be dark blue and I used to be cherry red, but now I'm bluish-purple and he's wine-tinted). If you zero in on how your mind works, you'll in turn find out more about what your animus is like and what makes him happy. Also, the other things you learn about yourself are incredible. If you can figure him out, he'll have to accept that he's not the only one who can understand such complex things, and the pride issues should lighten up a bit, and he'd also be more likely to cooperate with you, since he'd then view you as competent. Spend time meditating, and pay attention to how you think especially when you're falling asleep/waking up. Listen to those awkward thoughts you don't quite consciously think, even if they're mean or embarrassing. I can't exactly tell you what to look for since your mind works different than mine, obviously, but patterns exist in places that you wouldn't expect. And thanks! I definitely don't take this for granted.

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