but consider how impossible it is to live on a minimum wage salary, much less to LIVE on this paltry salary and still have to save $1,000.00 a year. Most people who make minimum wage do not have any benefits, no health care or dental. You assume that one can 1) find housing while only using $13,000 per year. 2) Buy food using $13,000 per year. Then add in ONE illness and the savings (if they were possible to save) is wiped out all at once.

You have also forgotten that even people who make minimum wage pay FICA, and other taxes and that brings their income down further.

If you, or anyone else can live on, say $10,000 per year (which would be approximately the income after taxes) and pay for housing, food, medicine,transportation, clothing, not to mention add a child or two into the mix and living would be impossible.

It's an exercise in the ridiculous. Not to mention betrays a complete unawareness of how the working poor have to survive.

The hubris of even implying that the poorest among us could become "millionaires if they are only careful with their money" is blatant and, to me, a bit disgusting.