Hi Jan
Thank you for your blog and article. I've been practicing mindful eating for a year now and it has totally transformed my relationship with food. I spent the best part of 20 years struggling with various eating disorders and focusing on trying to fix them through therapy and 12 step programmes. Although i got a great deal from Overeaters Anonymous (most importantly, the focus on making a commitment to eat in a sane way) but nothing really changed my relationship with food so fast as mindful eating. These days I really enjoy and savour food, have gradually without even thinking about it, eliminated processed foods from my diet, and have developed a real love for mindful cooking and a completely new relationship with food.

I live in London, UK and mindfulness especially around food is less well known here than in the US. i think it really has a huge amount of wisdom to contibute to todays widespread problems with food addiction and obesity.

Anyway, thanks again for your article

warm wishes

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