If Introversion was more "acceptable" a lot of industries would be less profitable...such as psychologists/psychiatry and the drug industries. Playing off ANXIETY is extremely profitable as though that is exclusive to Introverts; playing off the "survival of the fittest" ideology is also extremely profitable and advantageous for the privileged, aggressive and most corrupt.

1 in 25 people are psychopaths -- yet doctors claim they're "incurable" -- How convenient is that? Most psychopaths are males...and that is a fact. Is there an agenda to maintain the status quo and male privilege?

1 in 88 people have "Autism" -- that would include geniuses like Albert Einstein and many other introverts on the "spectrum". Doctors are looking to eradicate and find a cure for Autism -- including everyone on the spectrum. What would this cure look like???


Psychopathy is more prevalent and dangerous to society than Autism -- but doctors and the United Nations and the WHO are simply not interested in reducing psychopathy or finding a cure for it (they're the ones who deemed it "uncurable" afterall); but have a huge and strange fascination on trying preventing Autism and those on the spectrum. There are HUGE and expensive advertising campaigns worldwide and spokespeople and celebrities talking about Autism and asking people to look for "signs". It's very strange, the enormous amount of attention and focus on Autism by doctors, the United Nations and the WHO. (I can understand those with severe Autism -- but WTF is this "spectrum" shit about???) In comparison to all this hoopla, one would conclude that psychopathic traits are normal!!!