Mandela and Ghandi, were both lawyers by profession -- I think that instilled in them a great sense of moral justice. They had integrity almost from the get-go and their hearts were in the right places; they chose to use their judicial background to further the cause and plight of those with less means and power to fight a good fight.

Charismatic quality alone doesn't constitute a great goes beyond the surface; it's backed up with integrity and's a person of great character...that's the bottomline. There are no bells and whistles...what you see is what you get.

There are a lot of "charismatic" people around. Notably, in entertainment and business. For example, many celebrities are charismatic by nature and have huge fanbases...but do they make great leaders? I doubt it, but they do make great business people...they know how to self-promote and build their business empires and get people to buy, buy and consume, consume!

Jesus was an Introvert. If Christianity is the predominant religion in the world -- then why is it that Introversion is treated like "second class"??? Can someone explain to me??? This doesn't make sense to me. History has shown that the leaders with the most mass followings and most beloved were Introverts -- isn't this a cry for more Introvert leadership???