America has a measurably poor system of schooling - primarily based on high-stakes external testing, the results of which get communicated to the students months after the test. And then well over 60% of high-income-family children get their tests cheated for them anyway.

American kids grow up being taught magical thinking - that tests are wishes and hopes and rewards for the rich, not examples of actual performance.

Then add religious schooling where miracles are taught as facts.

So kids learn that their actual performance will be twisted into a magical position where that rich dolt or Priest’s “boy” over there can claim they know more than you. Then the rich dolt literally fabulates what they “know” from their own imagination and claim god put that “knowledge” there.

And then QAnon gets believed.

Wanna fix ridiculously credulized conspiracy theories? Empower American teachers to teach how-to-learn instead of how-to-bolster their principals’ careers.