yes, of course there is. i think i read somewhere that there was a study where it was shown actually that game addiction is stronger than drug addiction, unfortunately can't recall the exact source, but it was a serious scientific source.

would people who play video games socialize/do something constructive etc. or would they stare at the blank wall if there were no video games at all? it is pretty much chicken and the egg thing, i think, and one can't really know.
though i don't know really would having some other hobby be better that playing games and if so why? is it just because it more socially acceptable and considered healthier investment of time - to go to gym and socialize, for example?

it would be interesting to see what would happen if there was one day no tv, no internet, no cell phones in the whole world because that are all so ingrained in everyday life.

and i would say that you are addicted if you love where you are but you still play games daily and you spend every day an hour or two on it.

when i have my life fulfilled, i never watch tv, or use internet at all.