One of the reasons we enjoy meat is that all humans evolved from hunter-gathers, with the hunters skewed toward to male, although not completely. It is still built up in our DNA and it is one of the reasons many of us hunt and enjoy eating meat, this includes myself. I do admit our society overconsumes read meat. Drive throughs are just to easy. We don't deny an animal suffers when you kill it, however you can't grill it until you kill it. Our ancestors realized this. It appears that many people have been trying to make vegetarianism stylish and trendy for a long time. I don't have anything against vegetarianism if that is your life style. I see more intolerance toward hunters than I've ever seen, particularly from actors and Hollywood. I've even seen some intolerance toward meat eaters, especially from vegan activists. If our primitive ancestors didn't hunt animals and eat meat, we wouldn't be hear.