Several years ago I was dating a lady who had been straight all of her life. During our relationship, we discussed same sex attraction. After some initial hesitation, she admitted she was bi curious. I had dated several bi ladies, so I encouraged her to explore. I should mention that she was an actress/singer/dancer. So she often had to dress up for her various roles.
She was unsure how to go about meeting like minded women, so she went onto a LGBT website and uploaded her profile. She was honest and said that she was in a relationship with a man but interested in meeting a women. She uploaded various pics including her with her cats, hiking, with friends, but she also uploaded a picture of her in a tight leather outfit, holding a whip and handcuffs. Upon seeing this, I was a bit shocked and advised her to take it down as she may be giving out the wrong message. That is she would be inviting those women who were into S&M. She laughed it off. But in a matter of 3 weeks, she had 15 dates, and all with women that were into S&M. All.
We ended up breaking up only a few weeks later. She discovered that she indeed did like women and was very much into S&M. She now lives with the very first girl that answered her ad. The lady is 180 degrees different looking that me. lol I find it very curious that in such a short time her world totally changed. BTW, we are still good friends and I wish nothing but the best for them.