Covert passive aggressive narcissists are extremely insidious in their behavior, and they will always compete-to win- with you and they can never be wrong. The one I've been married to for almost 20 years brainwashes me, gaslights me, moves things that have been in the same place for years and then swears they've always been there, constantly locks me out of the house and then says he "forgot" I was outside. He breaks my things "accidentally" but his things miraculously never get broken. He abuses me financially, emotionally and mentally. He is such a "good guy" and so convincing to anyone on the outside as he repeatedly tries to drive me insane. His friends all think he's great, and he is successful in convincing others (including my sons) that I am the insane one, and consequently, I am truly alone, as there is hardly anyone who understands that these types exist, and what they are capable of. No matter how they look on the outside, they are murderers of other people's psychological and sometimes physical health and they wish nothing but destruction on people they supposedly love. If you find yourself with someone like this, run. Save yourself.