My boyfriend does the same, if he cant explain something and has to repeat second time, it's like you should be arrested for him to repeat himself, he says "I hate repeating myself" and makes you feel dumb for not "getting it". I'm pregnant with his child and my hormones raging so I've been able to speak up and even get angry these days for things I used to let go. The outburst and yelling at himself for not finding his wallet, or not getting something done during crunch time is scary sometimes, that's when I really no no...his five year old daughter got scared when he cursed out so loud and repeatedly. I'm getting fed up myself, and decided and has started to limit business proposals, and interaction that warrant his "EXPERTISE" he might get bored of me but I will no longer be the butt of his need to feel good about himself, not with this baby in me...not with this baby out of me. Game changer..I suggest you do the same.