-----"Money can’t protect you from illness (and money, actually, can expose you to a lot of vices that might actually raise the chances of some pretty significant health issues)."

Actually, unhealthy behaviors are concentrated in the lower socio economic populations, to including smoking, drinking and illicit drug abuse - relative to wealthier populations. And, relative to poorer populations, wealthier people have better access to healthcare. Wealthier and more education populations, relative to those who are not - enjoy healthier lifestyles from a macro perspective due to a number of factors involved. Money is one such factor.

Where I live is a stark reminder of what being in the upper socio economic class means with respect to health - go right outside my gated subdivision and you are smacked in the face with a population of people who are definitely less healthy relative to my neighbors. I also see this when I see my doctor at the VA - poorer, less educated veterans seem to suffer from bad health outcomes as a result of the perfect storm of circumstances - relative to those veterans who are wealthier.