Is people are not so one dimensional.

This is so misleading that it is almost stupid.

Also I am so tired of the use of the word Narcissism!

We are starting to lack empathy and then we are blaming others and then we find ourselves in a our society.

Narcissism is a natural developmental phase for every child. What makes some stuck in there is trauma!

If we are not dealing how to help those deal with trauma and find themselves, then we are just masturbating on our own narcissism.

This is psychology website but I find it always bashing narcissism just boring!

Those who are paying your bills are mostly narcissism spectrum and do you know why?

They saw hell as a child and survived.
They are so strong that mostly they can afford your $300 an hour therapy sessions.
They have empathy just like everybody else because guess what they would not need therapy if they did not have one!

All these blahahhah is just for such a minority of group who have had their spirits broken at the age of 2 or younger and mostly should be in jail....this it not for the average person walking down the street and paying you $500 an hour to talk about his or her pain.