Why is your strong slow motion effect so special? Most reports refer to frightening situations such as fights, accidents, etc. Then the explanation is not far fetched: if our organism, relative to the outside events, speeds up internally then that has survival value as we can more likely act on time in the situation. In your case you are describing a very positive, ecstatic experience. One could similarly argue that you were positively aroused and completely focused on the situation. Your first experience of falling in love. Maybe one component is also a retrospective reconstruction of events? You describe the bang (I thought first of an explosion) and resulting from this everything in slow motion before you actually had met Rick. That could be a trick of memory after the facts, when looking back. Anyway, thanks for sharing this since it is so unique. The slow motion effects in dangerous situations have been confirmed over and over again. I had one myself. Maybe more of such positive reports accumulate to form a theory of positive slow motion.