When I was 11 on new years eve (now 24) i remember walking round to my aunties house for their party with my family. As kids usually do at these parties - we get sent upstairs to my cousins room. I was sitting on my little cousins bed watching the little ones jump around in the bedroom as i spoke to my other cousin who was 10 at the time. Then - downstairs - i just remember hearing a bang - the sound of a boot on a staircase, and it echoed - after that, time just went into slow motion, i was listening to the sound of the boots slowly banging, echoing and amplifying as the kids around me were suspended mid-air, slowly moving through it, and the sounds of their laughter, words, feet as they touched the ground - everything - amplified. The boots were in the hallway, i could hear the creeks of certain floor boards and i could feel my head slowly moving to the door - all my attention was so hyperfocused taking in what was going on, then - this guy steps in - we'll call him Rick, i instantly had the strongest sensations of love/dopamine/serotonin/everything pumping through me but it was running so slow. Before i knew it, he had went from being at the door - to sitting right next to me saying the words "I'm rick" and time went back to normal - i never discussed it with him. I was so startled trying to process this all night, walking around trying to comprehend what just happened. I spent a while with my cousin and rick, then we decided to take out our bikes to the park, I let rick ride mine since there were only two. Anyways, we're heading towards the park at like 10 oclock, lamposts lighting up the streets and we get to the field where the park is and mess around for a bit - chasing, swinging, climbing etc. The whole time i was in awe - basically my first love or the strongest infatuation of my life. Anyway, we get hungry and decide to head back - rick gets on my bike and starts peddling, and BOOM - it happened again, time started slowing down, i could hear the click-click-clack, t t t of the metal clanking as it spun the wheels of the bike, the more it clicked and clacked the slower time got, til i could feel myself floating as i walked, he was looking right at me - watching the bike wheels slow down was just something else and then he spoke and broke that slow chain bringing time back to regular - its a night i will never ever forget because of how intense it all was - can someone explain what happened to me???