There seems to be considerable confusion among the people have done research in this area. First, some question if the effect actually occurs, and attribute it to post event memory.

Second, the standard experiment that is done to replicate the conditions time slowing down occurs in is something along the lines of bungee jumping.

This is bonkers. Anyone can anticipate what sensations may occur during such a jump. They have also to be prepared for the jump in a process lasting several minutes. They know that they are almost certain to survive, and that during the jump there is nothing they can do to alter the eventual outcome.

The most obvious event that can cause time to appear to slow down is a significant car accident. It's impossible, and probably not ethical, to find an equivalent experience to this.

What would be interesting is to talk to professional racing drivers about this. Not only will they all have crashed cars, they are used to giving accurate and detailed feedback to their teams.

Most drivers will also have experienced the sensation of 'Flow'. This is another set of circumstances under which the sensation of time slowing down has been reported.

Finally, and somewhat strangely, in talking to others about this, three said that they were heading for what seemed a certain crash, and then their next memory was realising they had missed the other car but with no recollection of "how?"