I have a personal experience of this happening to me . I was in a very dangerous situation . I was about to be kidnapped but did not know it until it was ALMOST too late . I was in my car with the door open (drivers side) , i saw in the mirror on the door a man was almost to me he was sliding with his back on my vehicle. , I looked to my right the other man was at the door looking at me waiting for his friend to let him in AT THAT MOMENT TIME SLOWED DOWN FOR ME .....IT FELT LIKE 15 or more seconds but what I did could have only been a millisecond or so or i would be dead today. I will describe it as I felt it not as it actually was. I looked over at the man on my right ,As soon as I saw him time slowed way down , it may have when I saw the first man sliding up the side of my car but i was totally aware it had slowed when i saw the second man on my right....i looked in his eyes and i noticed and thought at the time his eyes look like a sharks eyes his eyes look like he is dead , he is alive but his eyes look dead. and i slowly turn back to the door , i see the door handle and I slowly reach for it , i slowly close the door , I then can see my arm hand and finger going for the door lock , and I press it (i am certain i actually hit it as fast as i could) after i saw the man with shark eyes I did not see either one of them again i was stil moving slow but after locking the car i turned the key started it and began to move by the time i was moving the car my perception of time was back to normal. I was amazed that time had slowed , and I thought about for a while after that experience , and I now know why our perception of time slows when we are in a life or death situation. The danger for me was right there I was almost history. If I had missed the door handle when reaching for it ,i would be dead now. If i had not hit the lock right or had pressed the wrong one , I would be dead now. Time slowed for me because I had no time to spare in fact I think it may have been too late EXCEPT THAT THE MAN READY TO GRAB OR PUSH ME MUST HAVE HESITATED OR DID NOT EXPECT ME TO MOVE SO DEFTLY SO QUICKLY , I KNOW I WAS MOVING AS FAST AS WAS HUMANLY POSSIBLE ....but for me it was slow because it had to be done perfectly , i was able to make sure i grabbed the door handle just right , I was able to make sure I was pressing the all lock button and not something else like unlock all ...my perception slowed down to do it perfectly and not waste any time at all because if i had made a mistake i would not be writing this right now. Time slows down when we are in grave danger to allow us to do what we need to do to save ourselves and not make a mistake. and that is it. Like you Mark knowing exactly when to do what with your vehicle and also the lady you spoke of with the truck coming at her. OK ...everything iv'e said so far is fact. Now comes to mind what other's are saying.....first I do not believe you can replicate this...second..IT IS NOT JUST IN VEHICLE ACCIDENTS , and if the young lady is indeed telling her perception of time slowing down as it really happened, I have no factual explanation. I do not believe it is the same phenomena . First of all her description is completely different from anyone else who has had time slow down for them. Second her time slowing is almost all auditory, and there was no involvement of herself in either one of her occurrences by report she mostly heard things ..also if I had heard things time was slowed down for me that I would not have recognized what the sounds were it would have been slowed to a point of not being able to even know what i was hearing..another thing in our life and death or perceived slowings WE ARE WHAT WE REMEMBER SLOWING ...WE ARE NOT FOCUSED ON OTHER THINGS WE ARE FOCUSED..on time as how it is relating to ourselves....whereas not just here in your article, but in any others I have read or have been told we don't recall hearing ...in fact in my own case a friend had been witnessing this and had been yelling his head off as he was trying to get to me and I did not hear a word I don't remember hearing the door shut or the lock click or the motor start. So she had something totally different from what I did that much I know .aside from the fact that hers did nothing , it was for no seeable reason . Very interesting just the same.