When peacefully protesting a volatile cause, it can be infiltrated by opposing forces and seeded to incite violence. Protesting is our constitutional right that is being diminished by a power over paradigm. People who may be afraid or disagree with this method have forgotten Martin Luther King and the history behind his fight against oppression. When something is egregious to groups of people the push for change takes many forms. Civic lessons in schools should be reinstated. We are fairly divided in our moral compass as of late - and no one is feeling they have a voice. My ray of light is the Florida students who have taken charge of our failures over common sense legislation.

The other thing is the name calling mentioned in this article - meaning Hillary Clinton's fatal error of calling Trump and his campaign supporters "deplorable". This after weeks of the current POTUS alienating entire groups of people. Disabled, women, people of color, children, and violent tended individuals by giving them permission to act on violence. While the word deplorable was alienating and a poor choice, it was one word to describe unbecoming behavior of a high level position of power that is now completely compromised. So women across the nation peacefully protested the shortly after the inauguration. It then rolled into the #metoo movement which now has grown into different camps of purpose. Social change is hard. It's painful. Raw. But it is a most important tool to create change against the social justice issues we are paying attention to.