I’ve actually wondered if this is A THING in marketing. Whenever a company wants to give a product more credibility, clout, sophistication ( some or all of these adjectives) they seem to have British accent spokespeople, hosts or voiceovers/narrators.
For example: Anthony Sullivan for the infomercial products.
Another British guy for Gotham Steel ( infomercial product)
The Swan reality show ( horribly conceived show that took a less than attractive person and gave them (unlimited?) plastic surgery to make them prettier.
A British accented person to advertise Saab( Swedish origins)cars ( when they last sold them here).
A British accented person for Lexus ( even though it’s Toyota/Japanese). They don’t think a Japanese accented narrator would go over well in the U.S?
There are MANY,MANY more examples. These are the most common though, especially infomercials.