"Could a president’s daughters also be a significant source of influence that trickle down to affect the values and policies within the larger culture?" ---No. Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are both rapists. They both have at least one daughter. Trump talks about how he would try to have sex with his one of his daughters if she wasn't his daughter. Maybe another daughter would've been the magic bullet to keep him from sexually assaulting girls and women. Maybe if Clinton had had two more daughters he wouldn't have been going to Epstein's place so often. Maybe these two white male presidents' real problem was they were just a few daughters away from realizing girls and women are actually humans that in no way deserve to be subjected to masculinity (don't be girly, girly is less-than) or treated like objects --an object that fulfills the Role of Women including being an object for sexual use. Maybe these two white male supremacists were just a few daughters away from enacting police reform policies such that rape victims, like the women they raped, wouldn't have to live under the tyranny of men in a state that protects rapists from their victims. But I doubt it.